Elder, Smith and Co’s Bonded and Free Stores

126 Lipson Street
Port Adelaide

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Elder and Company constructed two impressive stone warehouses on Lipson Street in 1854 and 1857, a free store and a bonded store. Bonded warehouses allowed merchants to unload ships and store their goods until they were sold, deferring the payment of customs duties. Free stores held goods on which duty had already been paid. Stored in barrels and casks, goods held in bond were primarily luxury items like tobacco, sugar, coffee, beer and fine china.

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Enlarge historic photo

Modern photo:

The Bond Store on Lipson Street is now the South Australian Maritime Museum
Photographer: Adam Paterson, South Australian Maritime Museum


Historic photo:

Bond Store on Lipson Street, c. 1890

South Australian Maritime Museum photographic collection, 18416.


Elder, Smith and Co’s Bonded and Free Stores