Hart’s Mill

Mundy St
Port Adelaide

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The Hart’s Mill complex is a group of buildings on the Port Adelaide waterfront that includes Hart’s Mill, the Adelaide Milling and Mercantile Company flour mill, and associated outbuildings and other structures. Together, they constitute South Australia’s longest continually operating flour production facility, one that spanned a 125-year period between 1855 and 1980. The Adelaide Milling and Mercantile Company mill is currently the tallest building in Port Adelaide, and Australia’s tallest building with internal timber-framed architecture. Virtually derelict for approximately three decades, the complex of structures has in recent years been targeted for demolition and/or re-development, but has also become a venue for artistic expression and a rallying point for heritage protection and community action in the Port.

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Enlarge historic photo

Modern photo:

The AMMC flour mill building, 2015
Photographer: Emiliano Fernandez

Historic photo:

The Adelaide Milling and Mercantile Company flour mill and adjacent corrugated metal sheds, 4 February 1936

South Australian Government Photographic Collection, GN06626


Hart’s Mill