Queens Wharf

Queen's Wharf
Port Adelaide

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Queen’s Wharf was officially opened as part of the ‘New Port’ in 1840. Six thousand spectators watched as two boxes of tea and spices were winched out of the South Australian Company’s vessel Guiana to mark the milestone. The New Port was an ambitious joint venture by the government and South Australian Company to provide two new wharves and warehouses and a new road: the foundation of the Port we know today.

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Enlarge historic photo

Modern photo:

Queen’s Wharf, 2015

Photographer: Adam Paterson, South Australian Maritime Museum

Historic photo:

Men working with bagged grain at Queen’s wharf, Port Adelaide, South Australia, c.1911

Image courtesy of the State Library of South Australia, SLSA PRG 280/1/44/202, Public Domain

Queens Wharf