Waterside Workers Federation

11 Nile St
Port Adelaide

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November 1960, 1,100 wharfies, tally clerks, seamen and their families cramed into the Waterside Workers Hall. Paul Robeson an African American singer, actor, and political activist entered to a standing ovation.  It was the first time he had been able to visit Australia after the United States government confiscated his passport in 1950. A staunch supporter of Unionism and Indigenous rights, Robeson was given ‘an authentic woomera throwing stick’ as a gift after his performance.

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Enlarge historic photo

Modern photo:

Waterside Workers Federation Hall, 2015
Photographer: Adam Paterson, South Australian Maritime Museum

Historic photo:

Waterside Workers Federation Hall, Waterside Workers Federation hall, with fire-men, truck & car in front c. 1930

Image courtesy of Port Adelaide Enfield Library

Waterside Workers Federation